Kawasaki FX730v - _S00


Kawasaki FX730V-_S00 Engine -The FX Series engines provide a rock solid foundation for your tough turf work. These 4-cycle engines feature a compact design and internally vented carburetor with a fuel shut-off solenoid for power in zero-turn mowers, lawn tractors, standers, and walk behinds.The FX730V engine is Kawasaki-built for the toughest jobs you’ve got. This forced air-cooled V-twin 4-cycle vertical shaft engine features a heavy duty shift-type starter.

FX730V-_S00S - Shift-Type Electric Start, 15-Amp Charging Coil, HD Can Air Fliter 2-Year Commercial & 2-Year Residential Warranty 1 1/8" x 3-5/32" (80mm) Crankshaft for commercial mowers & HD industrial/construction equipment

Top Of The Line Kawasaki FX730 Series Air-Cooled V-Twin Critical Power Engine SAE Certified for consistent, accurate horsepower; Produces 23.5HP @3600 RPM 90° V-Twin Cylinder Engineering & Overhead V-Valve (OHV) Technology Smooth, well-balanced power output in a compact package For maximum power, quiet operation & ensures low emissions Pressurized Lubrication System & Spin-On Oil Filter Cast Iron cyclinder liners provide increased protection & longevity FX-Series Multi-Stage Dual-Element Canister Air Filtration System

Never fear day-long continuous operation again Two-Channel Forced Air-Cooling Design Prevents overheating while boosting efficiency on even those HOT days Flywheel Magneto Ignition System & Heavy-Duty (Shift-Type) Electric Starter Auto-Compression realease plus an for reliable, consistent starting Internally-Vented Carbuerator w/ Fuel Shut-Off Solenoid More percise air/fuel mix for efficient operation in a wide range of temps. Metal Engine Cover w/ Integrated Clean-Out Ports Rotating metal grass chopper screen keeps the engine breathing "freely" 15-Amp Charging Coil, Separate Choke/Throttle Cables & High Capacity Fuel Pump Designed to easily integrate with your current mower

Note - FX V-Twin Series Engines - Fuel Tank & Muffler available but not included 50-State CARB Compliant Pressurized lubrication system Electronic spark ignition Automatic compression release Rotating metal grass chopper screen Multi-Stage canister air filter Cast-iron cylinder liners Metal engine cover with integrated clean out ports

Perfect for Zero turn mower and various Industrial and Commercial Uses. Used on Toro, Exmark, Dixie Chopper, Excel, scag, John Deere, and many others.
FX730V - _S00 23.5 Hp Engine